2014 American Horse Council Convention Wrap-Up

Jay Hickey

The horse industry has been struggling. The public’s support for the horse shows has taken a hit as pro-soring lobbyists work to keep torturing horses. The PAST Act needs to be embraced by all horse professionals. The end of the “Big Lick” will not kill the horse show industry, it will increase the public’s confidence and bring greater attendance to shows of actual horsemanship. ~ HfH

From: The Horse

Jay Hickey

AHC President Jay Hickey.

The 45th annual meeting of the American Horse Council took place in Washington, DC, in late June. It drew nearly 200 attendees, including industry leaders from 50 organizations, members of Congress and staff, and federal regulatory agency staff.

“We had our best attendance in quite a few years,” said AHC President Jay Hickey. “We think that is because of the importance of the issues facing all segments of the horse industry before Congress and the federal agencies. We also think the topic of this year’s national issues forum, ‘Where Have All the Horses Gone,’ attracted great interest.”

The first day of the AHC’s annual meeting is an opportunity for all of the AHC’s advisory committees to meet face-to-face and discuss federal issues affecting all segments of the horse industry. Those include the animal welfare committee, health and regulatory, horse show, racing, and recreation committees. The AHC’s Coalition of State Horse Councils also meets, as does the Unwanted Horse Coalition.

Probably the most-discussed legislation was the Prevent All Soring Tactics Act (PAST Act), which was before the AHC’s Animal Welfare and Horse Show committees but brought up at several others too, Hickey said.

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
  • Judye822

    I noted that members of the UHC got to meet informally with members of Congress, make new friends and discuss industry concersn… Were any anti-slaughter advocates afforded the same opportunity???
    The AMC and UHC are pro-slaughter and pro big money cattlemen….

    July 5, 2014
  • Mary Anne Gardner


    July 5, 2014
  • Robynne Catheron

    I understand the American Horse Council is neutral (read: pro) on the topic of slaughter, but shouldn’t the topic at least be listed on their “Issues” page?
    Also, their mission is strictly to promote and protect the “industry,” and to intervene on our behalf to Congress. There is no mention whatsoever of horse welfare, except for their Animal Welfare Committee, and even then, no mention of how to become a member of that committee.
    Although I appreciate their support for the PAST Act, I wish all issues were afforded the same consideration.

    July 5, 2014
  • Nancy Albin

    I’m having a hard time… believing any of the gov kind words to be true when it comes to the horses i don’t trust them

    July 6, 2014
  • Nancy Albin

    they really don’t care & the few that do I have learned that evil does dominate good

    July 6, 2014